Is today the day

my camper gets moved to Completed Notified status???
so there are 21 completed or shipped units up to #635 above you guessed it my number at #545
waiting is awful when the soft good status has been 4 weeks today… looking for divine intervention or a driver that wants a Margarita in San Antonio on the riverwalk. Temp today is sunny 54 degrees.

#538. I feel you bro.

#798 I am a patient man! Gives my time to make the perfect home for the future GFC!

nice dogs you have there

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I’m right after you, #546. Status is still “in assembly”.

You guys are worrying me. I’m supposed to be done in April and I am hoping it’s early April. #652

#563 was done 2-10… looking at maybe mid to late March till they can get to the N Texas area for a delivery…

yeah that is really disheartening. thanks for the info
does N Texas mean Dallas area or Amarillo area? I could work with Dallas area

I’m in DFW, but I’d be down for Margaritas at the river!

I’m #577 and have been “in assembly” since 12/27

Today was the day. Just notified the camper is complete. now on to solving the delivery thing


this was the first GFC i bought for smaller truck, sold it, have bigger truck, getting bigger gfc soon