ISO Camping Suggestions for trip to Jackson, Missoula and Stanley

Hello GFC brain trust,

Looking for suggestions on dispersed camping spots for mid to late October. We will be starting in Grand Junction, Colorado, headed to Jackson WY area the first night then have 3 nights to get to Missoula MT, then 4 nights to get to Stanley ID. I have been doing my research but wanted to see if there were any suggestions about “can’t miss” places, awesome camp spots, also very interested in hot springs that you recommend in those areas. We are traveling with 2 dogs. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
*also posting this in “cool spots” category.

Yo @Buhlockaye and I are in Missoula. We would love to show you some spots!


What he said ^ Make sure to pack warm for your trip, things are gettin cold up here!


Whats your vehicle? I can share a few spots near Stanley that are really great if you have a fairly capable rig.

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2016 Tacoma OME bp51 front and rear shocks, fully armor on bottom, 33’ tires. Should be good to get just about anywhere.

Yup more than enough :+1:

The road into Upper Pahsimeroi Trailhead is really amazing. You end up on the backside of Mt. Borah.

Another good one in the same area is Railroad Ridge which is the highest road in Idaho and a beautiful drive.

Both could be snowed in but maybe not. Shoot me a DM for more if you want. I have spent a bunch of time in that area.

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