ISO Cement ARE MX for 2018 Tacoma 6' bed

I’m on the hunt for an ARE MX with vented, opening windoors for my 2018 Tacoma in Cement Gray. I feel like I see a ton of people upgrading from a shell to a GFC and would love to snag a used one from someone upgrading. Cement is ideal, but open to something different for the right price. Can always bed line it or do a vinyl wrap.

If anyone is selling anytime soon, let me know. Currently located in Hood River, OR but will also be in the Bozeman area in early June so if you’ll be picking up around then, maybe we could work something out.

I have one in Magnetic Gray Metallic if you can cope with the mismatch.

I have a CX for a LB available in Bend if youre interested! matches your cement gray!

Where are you located and how much are you looking for? Would prefer a color match, but I can always bedline or vinyl wrap it.

Would potentially be interested in that too. I can’t DM you for some reason.

Feel free to message me with a price and photos!

I’m in CO and it looks like I won’t be in Montana until after you, so probably best to follow up with Tskoe.

Sent you a DM and I need to get to 20 characters.

Bumping this back up. Still very much in search of a topper.

Hoping for the matching ARE MX but would be open to a Leer 180 or Snugtop Hi liner in black or cement too. Absolutely must have opening, vented side windows!

Willing to drive for the right set up!