ISO Custom Sheets

I was wondering if anyone is looking to make a few bucks for some fitted sheets? I’m currently waiting for my camper but want to have the sheets ready for when I pick it up. I can provide a link for the fabric but was hoping someone with a V2 could use the cushions as a template for the new sheets! Would love yo workout the details with someone!

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I believe @WrinkledPants is working on some that should be released soon ( Not quite sure on ETA.

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I have a set of GFC ones for sale, only used for measurements to sew my own.

See post history.

We are photographing sheet sets tomorrow for the website! We’ll be offering both flannel and fleece sheets.
I will tell you that the fleece sheets are amazingly comfortable! I’ve been using the fleese in my camper during our tests of the new winter insulation kit.
I will post a couple of photos late tomorrow afternoon.

We are very close to going live on the Overland Softgoods website. We will be able to accept orders when the site goes live.


Awesome can’t wait to see it! Will you be accepting custom patterns?

Will you be making some also for the Platform RTTs? or is it just for the campers?

YES! We are making sheets for both tents. We hope to go live on the website very soon. Thanks for your patience!


Great to hear! Need to order some sheets soon. Photos would be great if you got some to share!

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I will def be ordering some as soon as your site is up!!

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@WrinkledPants Any update on the sheet sets? Website is still not live.

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Here’s our most recent update from yesterday…

Hi guys! We went live today on our website.

Thanks for your interest! Hope to hear from you all soon!



I like my sheets kind of cold feeling but I don’t want them to feel like satin either, so I purchased these 1500 Supreme Collection RV sheets. I prefer these sheets to have a strap on all corners to hold the sheet in place so it doesn’t come up on any corner at all. They are also really soft and so comfortable to lay/sleep on.

These RV sheets cover most RV bed dimensions and they can be great for camper beds and still be sufficient to cover a California King, short queen, or three-quarter mattress.