ISO Fairing Mounting Brackets

Looking for four mounting brackets for a DIY fairing, similar to the ones Front Runner uses below - I’ve looked around, but can’t find anyone selling just the brackets. Anyone know where I can source them?

I’m planning on creating my own fairing similar to the one @globemaster put on “TRuDy,” but for my '22 Ford Maverick Hybrid.

Thanks in advance!

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I made my own out of some aluminum angle but it would only work if there was a lip on the fairing, similar to the Frontrunner fairing:

Thanks - I’m looking for something I can adjust the angle of the fairing, though.

I know these aren’t adjustable, but for anyone looking for a solution for this, I used aluminum angle brackets:, and then counterbored out about halfway through one side of the bracket to make a larger hole, such that the top of the GZila 1/4-20 T-Nuts would fit. This lets the bracket sit flush against the extrusion on the front of the camper. I added washers to reinforce the drilled out bracket a bit. You could also use the 10-32 track nuts which I believe sit flush in the extrusion.

I guess you could use a hinge for this, but why do you want to be able to adjust the angle of the fairing? Seems like that would just lead to a fairing that moves around more in the wind (i.e. LOUD)