ISO GFC Yakima Bar Mounts

Hi folks! It looks like GFC stopped making/selling the Yakima bar mounts awhile ago If anyone has a set that they no longer need or want, I’d be willing to buy them!

I opted to get the Beef Racks with my camper, and I’ve been trying (and failing) to mount my Riversmith 4-Banger. There is just not enough clearance between the bar and roof. I also have a Yakima roof box that I want to throw on in the summer for extra storage, and I’ve been reading that folks are having issues with claw attachments as well.


Those mounts seem to be a pretty consistent WTB item. I posted looking for some not too long ago myself - no luck.

There’s an interesting thread for a DIY solution but I’m holding out hope that GFC will release something with different mounting options than the Beef Racks.

I’m in the same boat, it doesn’t seem like they’re available so the DIY option might be your best bet. GFC told me they are standing behind the Beef Rack with no plans to introduce the old round bar mounts. They told me I could make/modify the Beef Rack bracket to to have more clearance to which I told them that if I have to do something custom I would make a round bar mount myself.

I did get 2 Beef Racks and I’m thinking of just making some mounting brackets to to mount to the beef rack track that other attachments like my kayak stackers can mount to.

Go with the JE Design brackets and yakima control towers. Works great, clean and very easy to take the tower off.
Tower: Control Tower (Set of Two) – Yakima


That set up looks nice. I just got some used GFC Yakima mounts and am so happy to have bars again. I have no reason to have the bulky beef bars up there. It’s nice to be able to fit a regular old piece of rope under them and easily throw on readily available accessories.