DIY Yakima bar mounts

There seems to be a lot of interest with people reaching out to me about these. I made up a set for another forum member and they seems to have worked out well for him. I don’t want to produce these as they are not a unique product, but wanted to post up some info for anyone who maybe wants to make some up themselves. Disclaimer: I have not tested these and do not know how much weight they can hold. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


What I did:
Not sure on the Yakima bar length you need but should be easy enough to measure out. Got the parts cut out using using the .dxf cut file. (see bottom of post)

After you get the parts back from laser they will need to have the sharp edges sanded off. Easy to do just by hand or with an orbital. Then just drill and tap the hole as close to vertical in the top. The top screw works as a set screw to pin the yakima bar in place.

Laser cutter
Metals > Aluminum > 5052 Aluminum > .375" (9.5 MM)

Track Nuts

8-32 tap
Corresponding drill bit (I think #29 but the tap will say on the package).

Hand tap handle (nice to do it by hand as it is a small hole and soft aluminum

I used an pan head allen in 8-32 that was just long enough to pin the yakima bar in place.

Rough costs:
Plates (2): $15.30 each
t-nuts (8) $3.00 each
bolts (2) $ 0.25 each

Total: $55.10 per bar

Looks like I can’t attach a .dxf file in this post so shoot me an email at and I’ll email it to anyone who wants it. Again these are un-tested other than fitment so use at your own risk and I am just sharing this info as a starting point for people to do it yourself.


These look awesome, and as always the info provided is exceptional.

Would you ever be interested in a commissioned project to make a bracket to hold Yakima/Whispbar or Thule feet? I installed roof racks for years and I have some track systems I would like to use on the GFC.

If so I would love to chat!

p.s. The drip rail spacer and hardware you sent are perfect, thank you!

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Shoot me an email at and I’ll help you out if I can.

Nice job as usual. Very clean.
I made up some aluminum angle brackets that I mounted my Yakima racks to. I installed them in the truck bed to use as surfboard racks.


I used this design with sendcutsend and it turns out its just a little too tall for my garage. If anyone in Boulder/Denver area wants a set of mounts for $100 including tnutz and 2 yakima bars LMK.

Love this idea! @jedgar sent you an email on potentially making my own set of brackets! Thinking these brackets in 6061 anodized black would look slick on the roof.

Hey @NWSurfer ! I got your email have just been away camping so don’t have the file. Will send it your way Tuesday!

Just thought I’d update on the Yakima bar mounts. They work great, and look good. Made out of 6061 aluminum and anodized in gold. 3/4” 8-32 set screw through the top to pinch and they are going anywhere. Send cut send was super easy and painless to go through and are adding materials and processing all the time. Super stoked, thanks again @jedgar for the help with this project.

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Nice @NWSurfer Those came out great! Love the gold.

Did you ever sell these?

Yes the mounts are gone. I might still have some extra yakima bars in the garage though if you need em lmk!