ISO superlite w/mattress

Willing to pay 2,000 for a superlite plus any shipping. Thanks

Are you still looking?

Yes I am. Are you trying to get rid of one?

Mine is scheduled to be shipped here in June but for 2k im strongly considering letting it go. Where are you located?

I’m in sacramento California. Does yours have the mattress pad?

I could also drive to you if you are close

Yes I ordered it with the mattress. Im in Phoenix

Would you be willing to ship it? To Cali?

Do you know if GFC allowing people to trade spots?

Only for campers I believe. Not for tents.

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Hey I’ll come to AZ. 909-996-8490 is my number of you want to text me or call.



@SlaminEpi29 Have you sold yet? I’m in Phoenix. I could also purchase from you and come to you. Number is 480-434-9652
Feel free to text me if you would like to sell.

I can come pick yours up asap if still available. Located in So cal

Hey dude would you sell your mattress by chance?

I actually canceled my mattress.

When? I wonder if I called if they would sell it to me. Was it recent?

Idk I canceled it about a week ago.

Did you end up selling your tent? Ill buy it if you havnt sold it yet.

@SlaminEpi29 hit me up. If things fall through ill wait next in line.

I haven’t received it yet and am undecided. Once I revive it I will decide if it’s for me or not.

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