ISO V2 RTT or Superlite build spot

I’m interested in the earliest possible V2 RTT or Superlite build spot.

Please send me a message or call me at 909-996-8490 if you can help me out.

Just an FYI, #1508, is for the V2 platform, which, unfortunately, will not work on a 4runner…Now if you had a Tacoma, that would work :smiley:

Can anyone tell me if I can order a RTT without a mattress and run a self inflating 50” Sea to Summit SI Deluxe Mat instead?

Someone sell me your Superlite! Lol, this Tepui isn’t ideal set-up for us.

I have a July v2 rtt for sale

Compatible with what size bed? I have a short bed Chevy Colorado. Interested!

It looks like he is referencing a RTT not the Platform Camper.

I’m looking for a RTT not a camper.

I placed a deposit on the website and I’m in line now, and I’m looking for a spot that gets me a little sooner than July. Jacob reached out to me with his July spot, maybe look at his?

Reach out to me if still looking to sell!

I’m not selling, this is my thread, I’m looking too. Contact Jacob Garrison. He has a July spot for sale and posted earlier in the thread.

Gfc is not accepting transfers of rtt build slots.

That’s BS! They should have told people before we made a purchase with a 6 month lead time, what if a better option pops up in that time?

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In GFC’s defense they clearly state the deposit is a non-refundable. The transfer was just a informal courtesy. I’m guessing it was causing problems so they had to change their policy.


It definitely would not surprise me if they stopped supporting the transfer of campers as well. I can see them wanting their support team to focus on taking care of owners.


I think your best option if you found something better during the wait time would be to complete the purchase of the RTT and sell it for retail + shipping. I know that is a lot of cash outlay but pretty much every used GFC product sells in a week for seemingly retail.


Yup, it has to be a massive and stupid waste of employee resources to manage and deal with all the transfers. I deal with that with customers all the time in camper van biz and don’t wish it on anyone. My personal favorite was a client that declined a bid saying their van was running late and they were going to wait a year and promptly asked my neighbor (another van builder) to bid it… I just emailed them my bud and they rebranded it and sent it out… people are miserable to small business. Thanks for making a great product gfc, sorry it didn’t work out for me this time. Maybe use my deposit to add a little to the health benefits package.

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Anyone wanna take delivery and then sell me their V2 tent since they’ve changed their mind over the 6-9 month wait?

Still looking for that Superlite.