Issue uploading Pictures

I’m having issues posting pictures lately from my phone. I’ve never had issues before and now all of the sudden I get error messages or my file is too large.

Any suggestions?

hmm maybe copy picture and paste it?

Yea I have this issue with my RAW images from my iPhone. Take a screenshot and crop the pic then you can upload it.

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Copy and paste wouldn’t work but I will try the screenshot and crop.

I had no issues uploading the same pictures from my computer which I thought was weird.

Yup something with the phone and app. Computer worked fine for me as well.

This has been the work around. I have my camera set to take ProRes RAW photos so the file size is a lot larger.

Screenshot, Crop, Upload :call_me_hand:t3:. Hopefully it works for you also.

Turn off Live Photos, then try. I had issues with that feature turned on but haven’t since changing it.

This is a side note, but I try to always screenshot&crop pics before uploading.

It strips out the location information and other metadata. People don’t need to know exactly where our rigs are.


I’ve been lax with that, but probably prudent regardless of how safe this forum feels.

Always been off for me that was not the problem with mine.