Issue with tent latches?

Hey All,

Does anyone else have issues with the tent latches getting out of alignment and not easy to close? I have to either have one other person help me align it by pulling on it or struggle with it for a while to close them. It’s become worse over time, and I’m wondering what might be causing it.

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Mine is a bit like this. I have to pull the pin out while pushing the latch closed to get it to lockup nicely. Would be nice to have a fix for this.

Don’t be afraid to take a mallet and give the side of the tent a good smack. From my understanding, it has a bit of a free float to it so it can get a bit out of alignment.


Nolgore is correct about the rubber mallet.

For side to side misalignment whack the top of the tent with a rubber mallet to realign.

If the misalignment is in the top to bottom direction, and your GFC is on a tacoma, it could be the composite bed of the truck. Get on level ground to untwist the bed and the tent will generally close easily.



Time to invest in a rubber mallet. Thanks!

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Once you have a good mallet, I’m sure you’ll find many additional applications for it in addition to the tent. :joy:

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