It's more than a rear window shade

I’ve been saving this for the new year. Let me know what you all think. I wanted to make a window shade that isn’t a one-trick pony so here’s what I came up with.

This is my prototype window shade. I put 3 rain fly pole set holders on it to see if I could. I don’t have 3 rain fly pole sets and probably never will but here they are.

What I really wanted to do was add some mesh pockets. Here are some photos of the prototype pocket. It uses hook and loop to attach to the shade.

It’s a 2-way pocket and it can be pulled from shade.

I should also mention the rear panel frame. The shade can snap directly to the panel or the frame.

I added magnet mount holders for stowing lock covers…

and a paracord handle with a d-ring. I added a lanyard I found on Amazon to help us with the reach.

Here is the window shade and the frame together. I installed stronger gas springs because of the added weight.

Well that’s it. Two parts of my vision for the camper. I use a water resistant fabric, radiant barrier, and a foam core. I attached SNAD fastners with a 3M VHB adhesive tape to the rear panel and everything can snap to those. If you are interested you can see all the details so far on the website.

There are many things you can do for the rear window and I know it’s not for everyone. If you are looking for something like this let me know. It will probably be a limited time thing or possibly seasonal.

The next projects are side panels, mosquito barrier, and some tent stuff.



Sweet! Looks so well made!


I’ll be watching. A mosquito net sounds like a winner when camped at a back country creek with summer mosquitos buzzing everywhere.



Looks super nice! I am definitely interested in something like this in the future


mind if I put up a pic of mine that Matt was nice enough to make for me? it is solid quality you guys should start bugging for your own. Thanks Matt

I have limo tint on the back window and you can’t see it at all


Thank you everyone.

@GFC706 That would be great. So many good reasons to have mosquito netting. I’ve slept down in the doghouse for several nights and wished I had it.


Fantastic work !! Love it!


Very nice. Mosquito net Yes! Any thoughts on a headliner for darkening up the tent and possibly helping the condensation drip. Something lightweight, maybe even a rigid bed rug type snap on panel. Test would be to see how the 3m adhesive glue would hold up to the heat up there. Again, very nice work!

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Thank you @GBSgfc! Those are great suggestions. One of the first things I wanted to do was a headliner but the design keeps evolving. I may finally get around to it this spring/summer. I will definitely do some testing when I make one.


Really dig this design. I do use my rear window, kinda hoping someone with Matts designing ability… maybe Matt can make one that coveres the ceiling of the larger removable panel so that i can still see out my window.

Either way @Rattler very nice work!


Such a rad design @Rattler I think it might be time for you drop coin on that sewing setup and a 3D printer, @Casablanca … and so the obsession begins, haha.


Thanks @the_philxx. It all snaps to the SNAD fasteners on the door. Those have the 3M VHB to stick to the panel. I used alcohol pad then primer 94 to prep. Sailrite carries a variety.


@Thayne @Casablanca Thank you!

True :rofl:


YKK Snad fasteners are a game changer. We’ve used them in our van products with great success.
A big YES on 3M Primer 94!

Your rear window cover looks exceptionally well made! :+1: :+1:


@WrinkledPants Thank you!

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If you would like your own customizable window shade, today is the first day to preorder.

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@the_philxx sorry for the late response here. By any chance were you selecting the standard size with 3 rain-fly pole holders and pockets?

Sorry about that @the_philxx. What’s happening there is I removed pockets as an option for the standard size when you pick 3 rain fly holders because it’s already very full. My first standard size shade with 3 holders went out the door before I was able to fit the pockets but I do have a new one almost ready to test this combination. I’ll post an update with photos when it’s done.

Business idea Scott - bigger GFC bed covers.

Was having this discussion with a friend and there was a company named “Overland Bedz” making 4 inch mattress covers with the foam. Appears he is no longer in business/operating. While I love the 1inch foam topper you sell, I think there could be a business for those who wish to further modify the sleeping platform. The limiting factor though is the GFC covers only allow so much foam AND if you try to add more, it only compresses it further.

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