JE Design & Fab 10Rack Crossbars - $175

JE Design & Fab 10Rack bars for sale, located in the Portland metro area. For an XL (61" crossbars) but I believe these could be run on any size camper with how they are designed. Comes with an extra set of load stops and the retractable ratchets, bar pads not included. $175 for everything including all hardware.

These worked great for hauling my paddleboard, but I also regularly put lumber on the roof and needed something a little beefier.



I keep looking at these and wonder how feasible it’d be to cut them down to fit a regular-size GFC instead of an XL one so they don’t stick out over the side. I’m in Utah or I’d take a chance and grab them.

I am confident you could, due to the design. The “feet” that attach to the camper do not mount to the ends of the rails, but mount perpendicular to the bottom. So you can just slide them in until it fits your camper, and leave the rails long or trim them down.

I had a buy and we looked into shipping them, but it was cost prohibitive.