JEDGAR hatch lock, tent lock, step-up

I know others have posted these mods for the V1 GFC, but I wanted to share that these are great products and he is still making them for anyone who wants to order from him.

I feel much more secure knowing my tent can lock and I can lock the rear hatch from within the GFC.


agreed - great guy making great products, love our mag spots and step ups - made the camper super useful @jedgar!/Go-Fast-Camper-Accessories/c/113909263


Thanks Mike! Glad you got your V1 decked out!


i bought my camper second hand and it came with the inside locks. Does anyone have a rec on how to make them slide a bit better? I feel like im fighting mine everytime.

You can loosen them up a little, spary a little lube in them, or replace the thin plastic washers. If you have any trouble after that shoot me a message and I can help you out with some new washers.

perfect! ill let you know. will grab some new washers this weekend