Jeep Gladiator on 40s Build 2421

Moab | Flickr for all photos
Just drove from NJ to MT to MOAB to pick up my camper, in love with this thing!
I got a 3 inch rock krawler pro-x no limit lift kit with 40 inch nitto trail grapplers and really not much else (on my second axle though) Can’t wait to start modifying this thing and putting it to use. Went to Moab did hells revenge and the trifecta (poison spider golden spike rusty nail and gold bar rim) all obstacles no bypasses was super fun


Dream rig! Awesome trip and pics.

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Great pics! I just got my GFC and will be hitting those same trails in May, can’t wait!

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Love it! Picking up my GFC for my JT in April and then headed straight to moab.


Nice man! Any plans for a camper buildout?

so far I know im going to throw one of those flat adhesive solar panels on the top, a dometic or rv fan in the roof, and for below im looking at mounts for my hi lift, shovel, axe, etc and maybe drawers. and for the outside I want to put my maxtraxx on the side and i guess ill buy rotopacks for the other side


Looking good! Awesome pictures.
I love the Sting Grey Gladiator, getting my GFC mid March.
We plan on making another Moab trip this fall, too many trails and places to see in a single trip. Hells revenge was our favorite so far. I really want to do top of the world this year and get the iconic rock photo with the new GFC.

I’m in a Diesel Rubicon with 37’s. No regear or axle mods, what caused the axle failure running 40’s?
A friend just broke his front axle at the fad on his wrangler in the dunes,

Damn, I Tacoed when I should have Gladiatored. :disappointed:


GFC comment of the year!

I was doing a really hard rock garden at rausch creek offroad park, the axle shaft broke and the lower ball joint ripped through the c on the housing. had truss, c tabs, and dynatrac heavy duty ball joints

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hey i tacod before I gladiatored lol

Bummer. Did you repair / replace the stock housing or go bigger?
I’m a little worried about mine. Considering a truss and RCV axles

i ordered a 60/.80 but ended up cancelling it for now but I should get them if I want to keep my 40s

i need to get upgraded shafts and retruss this new jl axle that i had put in

Appreciate sharing your experience and axle failure details

Talked to RCV today and their axle warranty is good up to 43’s. He said broken axles that cause subsequent collateral damage is the most common failure in the JL & JT’s

Supposedly the truss will eliminate the broken fad failure

Guess I’ll prioritize the front axle mods next……

Yeah my break was kind of a weird thing, the only thing with rcv’s is it now moves your weak point into the dif.

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looking at my axle shaft, i think it was more the weight of the wheel and it got pulled against that rock that broke it rather then being locked in the front at the time

Check out my friend Darren’s Gladiator. The thing is wild. I
have been trying to convince him to put a camper on it.