Jeep Gladiator - Overlanding Hotdog Stand

Truck is a 2020 Gladiator Rubicon 6MT.

Camper is a V2 in Red Dare and Tangerine Dream. With front and rear windows so I and the dogs can see out.

The plan for this build is a weekender for 2 with two accompanying dogs or 1 week solo. Step 1 is just getting used to it all and get some gear organized.

Been an avid fan for years, so rolling up to the shop and seeing mine there was just epic! The finish is striking and gives it a lot of character. Tangerine Dream is also as close to Something Papaya Orange I will ever own and for a “small” tent on a truck brings in a lot of light and keeps it from being dreary.

I relocated all the recovery gear to the rather large storage cubbies behind the seats, so camper is kept focused.

After a quick breakin overnight trip, got to work and built a platform for the cooler, and flipped the Camp Chef Sherpa Kitchen organizer to its side. Raising the cooler got me some space to fit some ammo boxes to store dog stuff and other random things.
Tucked in a watersport 2 gal pressured tank to have water available. On the side of the truck is another 2 gal rotopax tank, and can double it up as needed, or replace the fuel can with an extra water tank.

I’m trying to not purchase too many accessories to start, nor wire anything in. That said, there’s a couple things I picked up for it, Gzilla Rain Fly poles, some paint protection film for the honeycomb panels inside and outside, a couple bungie nets to hold loose items, and some LED lanterns and metal plates so I can hang them.


Night shot -

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Delivery day!


Glad to see you here too buddy! Super stoked for you.

I gotta post up my build here and on the JT forum at some point haha

hell yeah, looks rad

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Howdy! Definitely need to get them build threads going! That’s how the cool kids share ideas also it makes a ruckus to get noticed and even more cool vendors making stuff!

I need to start posting here more often to get the one upload limit off :stuck_out_tongue:

It totally does! Three days in and I’m breaking it in with an evergreen pinstripe job and Home Depot runs! Its even better that I had imagined it would be, and I had extremely high expectations already.

The worst part, it does not work with my Sunrider soft top. It causes the most extreme wind buffeting I’ve ever experienced. Shaking the mirrors more than my subs do. So back to the old “freedom” panels for now.

All in all super glad with the options and color choice. The smile still hasn’t left yet! :smile_cat:

For those curious, Sunrider physically clears, but when closed, once it gets to about 50mph or so, it quite violently shakes and roars. I’m guessing it needs a windscreen or something just below that gap. Someone somewhere posted that it cleared, but I heard nothing about the buffeting. So just a heads up.

So if flutters violently when the Sunrider is closed? How does the Sunrider behave while open? Using the Sunrider is one of the reason I am considering the GFC. Most competitors’ toppers are too long / interfere with the Sunrider. Thanks!

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Yeah, only when closed. Open it’s just fine. I pulled the trigger myself on the sunrider once I saw it cleared. But we only made it one exit down the road before we had to pop it open. And while usually I love an excuse to open it, being forced to on a 95+ degree day with the sun beating on you for 9hrs, had me remove it immediately when we got home.

There’s one additional option that I might consider after selling my sunrider and thats the clear lidz. Its a one piece smoked transparent replacement for the freedom panels. Its spendy and don’t pop open, but would let the light in, and be a moonroof. I really value the open views, its why I got the Jeep. So small setback.

While the sunrider was an aftermarket accessory, it’s now a factory option. It’s that popular. So just wanted to bring it to attention as maybe there’s a way to have a windscreen or something made up to fit it (if that is the case as to why).
There’s no way you’ll get a full soft top to work with the camper, so this sunrider is pretty popular to get that, and would hate to see others disappointed or sales lost because it doesn’t work with a factory top option that’s rather spendy.

The cabanas when opened proved to be a safety hazard as it is just at my head level.

So justified the remedy… more height! :grin:

Love the heck out of the utility out of this camper. It’s so nice to pop the sides and have full access to the bed.

More to come as parts arrive!


Holy Jebus that’s bright! I love it

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After debating on where and what and how to run LEDs and power, and the amount of work and expense to just have some light in places, I settled on some LED lanterns and magnetic plates.

I had one of these lights for a while now, and found it just right to light up a tent, and easy to use with its hooks, rubber feet, magnets and built in charging cable. So picked up 3 additional ones and some steel plate bases so I can have light anywhere and move them around, and enough to keep one or two on the charger as needed.


This wasn’t too bad to do. Got a big roll of paint protection film and cut it to size and applied it to the roof. Will do the other honeycomb panels on the inside and undersides as well.

Should give protection from trees, abrasion from sliding stuff on the roof or inside, as well as the elements in general that fall from the skies.
Also, it’s something that adhesive backed things can attach to without damaging the panels themselves.


And wrapped up the vinyl wrap project and added some additional plates for lights, and a couple bungie nets for cell, keys, whatever really.

And a glamour shot. I just dig this color combo.


Can you link those little bungee nets those are awesome. Nice work

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Thanks, and sure…


I like that idea with the lanterns. What brand/model are they?

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Here you go.

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