Jeep JL 4xE

Hi guys,
I just wanted to share some pictures of my build.

Also, considering switching from Wrangler to the Gladiator, has anyone experience with keeping RTT and mounting it on the GFC platform? or is it better to sell RTT and buy bulid Camper as a whole unit?

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IMO the pass through floor is a worthwhile enough feature to switch from Topper+tent to Platform Camper.


Having the room to stand up inside the back of the bed is priceless. I came from the topper + RTT tent.

I think the only pro for going that route for some folks is that they remove the tent in the winter months. I came year round though so having the pass through only further enhanced my enjoyment for camping or in the elements.


You’re considering what I went through so here are my 2 cents.

I started with a 4Runner and RTT setup (SUV + RTT, just like you) then I sold the 4R for a Ram 1500 Rebel (SUV → Truck) for more power, ease of organization, and keeping dirty things outside.
For about 1 year I ran with bed rack and RTT. I started with the hardshell RTT that I had on my 4R, then I sold it for a lightweight one from one of GFC Superlite’s competition that’s readily available. I ran that for a year and just sold the bed rack and RTT for GFC Camper 2 weeks ago. Basically it’s close to what you have and what you’re considering.

Here are some pros and cons per my experience:

  • Pros of having RTT and camper/ bed rack:
    -Light weight that’s reflected on fuel consumption and driving experience
    -Your bed area will be dedicated storage space
    -Save money

  • Cons of having RTT and camper/ bed rack:
    -No inside pass through
    -If you forget your RTT ladder you’re pretty much screwed

  • Pro of having GFC Camper
    -Inside pass through
    -Camper serves as a living space to hangout, do work, or even bathroom if you have the need for it
    -Tall standing space so you don’t have to crawl while inside the camper
    -Lightweight compared to others in the market, but definitely more heavy than Topper + Superlight
    -Hard shell for mounting stuff on top of the tent

  • Con of having GFC Camper:
    -Weight (more weight than superlight + topper)
    -Additional weight means rear springs will need to be upgraded
    -Additional weight means more fuel consumption
    -Possibility of wind noise

For me, going GFC has been my ultimate goal. My RTT and bed rack setup allow me to easily mount recovery boards and Rotopax externally and weight under 200lbs, but GFC Camper’s inside access and ability to turn the camper into a living space is what I was looking. With the Camper, I can do basically everything inside when I embark on solo trips in harsher weathers, including editing the day’s photos on my laptop, cooking, watching a movie, or even using the bathroom.

I guess the question for you is what are you going to use your setup for? Will you be camping in summer/ winter months? Do you want to be able to hangout inside the camper and then go upstairs to sleep, or you don’t mind using the external ladder to go to the tent?

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