John’s Tacoma DCSB (Gen 3)

August 30, 2021,

Hello, I’m build #1931. I leave from Maine on 9/6 (my 30th birthday) for a 9/9 install. I started to prep and plan my build. This won’t be an elaborate build, but I figured I’d document the process.

My goal is to keep things simple. I will be using my camper as a base camp for photography, surfing, and snowboarding trips. I will be using it in Maine’s 4 seasons and hope to get some winter camping out of it.

I owned a Tepui Low Pro 2 Roof Top Tent and loved it, but it had some major cons that I hope the GFC camper solves. I’ll touch back on this in a few weeks to compare.

Cali Raised LED Bed Channel Supports
I installed these to give the bed more strength and rigidity.

I wanted a flat surface that is lightweight and easily removable. I used 1/2” plywood and took measurements to match the bed layout. A circular saw and jigsaw were all I needed. I sealed it with a water-based polyurethane.


August 31, 2021 - New Gear Day

A few new pieces of gear arrived today that I thought fellow members might find useful. My basement is a small REI store, haha.

GSI Selkirk 460 Stove
This will be my cooking platform in the camper. I’ve used jetboils for the last 5 years, but I’m ready to embrace the glamping lifestyle a bit more and stop having to buy the expensive one-use fuel canisters. I’m switching to propane for everything. It’s super lightweight and has a small profile. I cook fresh seafood around the Maine coast while day-tripping, so I’m happy to have two burners.

Ignik Propane Growler
I’m super excited about this overpriced propane tank. It might be expensive, but it comes with a nice insulated carrying case and 1lb adapter hose so I can use it on my new stove and buddy heater. It replaces 5 of the little green bottles and only costs $3 to refill. It’s the perfect size to stow and go.

Hardkorr Lighting Kit
I searched around for the best kit for my GFC. I liked truck parts .com kit but it looks like he stopped replying on here and isn’t around anymore. I went with the 4 bar, 2 dimmer kit by HK and it looks awesome. I also added a 2m stick on tape light with its own dimmer for “upstairs” and a splitter to run it all on a 12v plug. Having 3 light settings is awesome and the orange bug setting will be welcomed here in Maine. I’ll detail the installation when I pick up my camper.


Sweet set-up looking forward to seeing what you think of your propane set-up.

We travel with both a propane stove (great for cooking) as well as a Jetboil (convenient for quick hot drinks or quick hot water for cleaning dishes). The Flame King Refillable kit and extra bottles are super convenient to carry around. We use this adapter so we can run our Jetboil off of propane and not have to go through all the isobutane canisters.


Looks great! I’m in NY and have a 2010 DCLB Tacoma. I just put my deposit down last week.

Are you driving to Montana? Any plans for the suspension? Mine sags with an aluminum topper and homemade drawers.

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Awesome set up and the 1gal LP tank is a winner. BTW…if you havent already, make sure you seal up the bed rails and tailgate from water and dust PRIOR to the install. Theres already a well written post somewhere on the forum.

Enjoy the trip out to Montana!


Yes, I’m driving. It will be a 5000 mile round trip - 37 hours of drive time from Maine to Montana. Year’s ago I was guiding and spent summers taking foreigners on custom camping trips through national parks across the country. I miss being on the open road so I’m very excited to be behind the wheel again for some “long drives”. (12 hour days)

I’m going to weigh the truck empty and after installation and go from there for suspension. The build out shouldn’t weigh more than 50lbs (floor+Shelf bench). It will depend on how much gear I bring and the weight of the V2.


Thanks man! This is today’s project. I’m going to seal everything. Wish me luck with the great stuff. I haven’t seen anyone use it but I’m a big fan of it for other projects I’ve done.

I’m also going to add this weatherproof outlet when I seal the cubbies. It will be nice to have a pass through for propane/shore power hidden in one of those cubbies.


Could you show us how the floor looks in the bed? I also have a 3rd gen DCLB and I was originally going to cut up an old rug for the bed but your point of having a flat floor clicked with me.

I’m #1848, installing on 9/12. My wife and I’s 1st wedding anniversary is the 13th. So stoked to be spending it camping in our new GFC in Montana!


The entire platform is removable in 10 seconds. The bench/shelf is not attached to the truck. I utilized the 1x8 slots.

Sanded and 3 coats of water-based polyurethane


Sealing the bed rails

I probably went a little overboard with this but the rails should be waterproof.

Next up, tailgate seal.

I should add, I cut back the foam after it cured.


Looks good!!

As a fellow photographer, I would say avoid the double battery kit and go with a GoalZero Yeti, if that was in your play book. After crunching the numbers, it is close to the same price (if you do it correctly) and you can easily remove the weight when not in use. Or it can be a house backup if required.

For location shoots, being able to take the GoalZero and a portable solar panel is also a really nice option if you work tethered at all.

Just my 2 cents…

Good luck!

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! My Ecoflow River Pro should be arriving tonight or tomorrow. I’m excited to see how this performs. The recharge time is impressive and the online reviews look great.


Welcome and Happy Anniversary

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Awesome stuff! I have the same stove you got, it’s been awesome. Can’t wait to see the progress.

Trip Report: Maine to Montana

I made it to Montana. I visited some friends along the way, or else 3 days would have been plenty of time to arrive the day before install. I am excited to pick up the camper tomorrow, then I’m heading down to the Tetons/Yellowstone area for some dispersed camping and looping back east. At the end of the trip, I’ll have hit all 50 states by my 30th birthday. Glad to have done the drive, and I recommend those on the east coast to send it!

Highlight so far, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This was from sunrise this morning.


Install day!!!

I couldn’t be more happy with my camper and the crew at GFC. So stoked!


Looks great and even has a welcome mat!

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I think you will find if you use your mr heater in the cold you will have a lot of condensation. Looks like a great set up. GFC crew are great for sure.

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Been using them in tents for years. All about ventilation and I don’t mind a wipe down. Don’t want a complicated system for something I won’t use much.


That’s so awesome!! I just paid my build invoice today!
Thankyou for posting up your trip info, now you’ve given me the inspiration to definitely make the trip from Massachusetts.