Josh Edgard Drip Rail Set $110

Mistakenly ordered 2 sets. I’m sure Josh will sell out of his latest run. So if you were late on the game, get an unopened set from me. I’ll eat the shipping on my end for my mistake.

Shoot man sorry I didn’t catch that! Happy to refund you and send you a return label if you’d rather do that.


Aaaah! Thanks Josh! I didn’t want to hassle you, but if you’re cool with that, I would be grateful. I am beyond stoked on the product. Well Done!

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Will get it in the mail Monday and will email you the details. Thanks for the order!!

@Nrampp I’m willing to scoop them up if you still want to do that? Would need them shipped to florida though.

@jedgar your awesome customer service on this is what got me to pull the trigger and order my own set last night through your site. Kuddos


Thanks for the order!

Standing by to order when back in stock.