Just bought a V1

I just bought a V1 in California, I just brought it back to Oregon and it made it in good shape! This is my first camper shell/tent on a car and I had a few questions.

  1. What’s the best way to close it? I find that the passenger side is a little more finnicky than the driver side. I guess I’ll learn the method eventually.

  2. Is there anyone in the Portland or surrounding areas that can set this in properly? We managed to reuse the seals but I know it’s highly recommended that you get new seals. I’m by myself around here so moving this around myself isn’t really ideal lol.

It was moved from a second gen long bed onto a 3rd gen long bed and it’s perfect. I love it already, just gotta dial it in a little and then I’m ready for snowboard season.

Thanks in advanced!


Hey Man,
First of all congrats on the camper I too also bought a second-hand camper. The best way IN MY OPINION is to basically close the tent just about all the way and then lift it up quickly holding onto the top of the tent. I found that doing this creates a vacuum-type draft and pulls the material into the middle of the tent. Usually, you get a good enough suction on the side material that you are only left with a small little bit that you can quickly tuck in.


That worked really well! I’ll get in the habit of using it like that ha

Have you done much winter camping in yours?

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I haven’t yet. This will be my first winter.