Just ordered! How to best prep before install

Hi all, just placed my order today. Anticipation is through the roof. I was wondering if people could share some tips about how to prep my truckbed for install best. I’m talking mostly about weather-proofing but any other tips and thoughts are more than welcome. Thanks in advance!


First if you are in Jackson where are some good places to camp mid February.

Second what truck you have will make a big difference here… if it is a Tacoma lift up your side bedrail caps and put butyl tape between the caps and the bed to seal things. Then use a bunch of your butyl tape and fill the gaps in the front corners well. That should take care of 99% of everything on a Tacoma…

It’s a third-gen taco double cab long bed! Winter camping in Jackson is sparse as far as I know due to road closures, but there is a lot of public land all around the valley.

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I have the same question wondering about any tips or ideas on pre install prep work that will make install easier or life more comfortable down the road.

I have a bone stock tundra trd off-road

I was planning on getting a bed rug. I’m guessing line-x is overkill. Bed rails may be helpful?

Tundra seal under the plastic bed rails as well, I don’t think the tundra has the gaps near the cab like a taco. Don’t buy anything extra until you get it and use it a couple of times. I have gone through a few iterations based on my needs and style and ended up liking a stock rubber bed mat and a industrial door mat for a changing rug