Kayak racks on Beef bars

Anyone successfully mount Yakima or Thule kayak racks to Beef Bars? I have J hooks from both, plus rollers/cradle from Yakima. My racks all use a clamp around the bar but sounds like there isn’t clearance. Wondering what solutions ya’ll have come up with. I haven’t bought the Beef rack yet.

These are fiberglass sea kayaks so cinching directly to the bar isn’t a great option. I know there are some 3rd party risers for the beef bars but that’s an added expense on top of $400 bars I’d rather avoid.

The risers I make do not work with the new Beef Bar design. It is only for the old style unfortunately.

The Beef Bars are great and look super streamlined with the GFC. They do offer the track studs in an M6 for Thule that you may be able to get creative with. [Track Studs]
(Track Stud - GoFastCampers)

If you already have a full Yakima system I have a kit that is about to come out that will allow you to use the Yakima Landing Pad mounts and feet. (prototype in pic)

I also offer the 10Rack system that Yakima and Thule mounts fit around.


Check out what we are working on over at Products - 4WD-Mod.com. We have a roof rail system that will accept up to M8 bolts (M5 and M6 too). Two T-slots to choose from on the top of the rail beam, two on the sides, and two on the bottom.

Love the Yakima mounts. It’s great to be able to take the rack on and off easily when not needed.

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@jedgar That looks like just the ticket! I’ve used round bars extensively so that would work with all my existing attachments.

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I mounted the Yakima Sweet Roll Kayak rack directly to the Beef Bars. They are slightly tilted but they grab on tight and hold the kayaks fine. Have used it like that several times and it’s rock solid. Glad I didn’t have to buy a separate type of mount or do any other modifications since those Sweet Roll mounts are pretty pricy.

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easy peasy

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Good lord that’s a good-looking rig.

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lol I’ll sell it to you if you really like it

If I had the cash I wouldn’t even low ball you :rofl:

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