KB Voodoo bed rails compatibility with V2 camper -

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this, since I know others must have encountered it:

2nd Generation SB Tacoma with an install date in November - I have the KB Voodoo aluminum bed rails, installed originally in anticipation of a Vagabond Drifter (the drama of that company is a whole different story), in which it was highly recommended due to 2nd Gen’s weak / leaky plastic rails.

Just got the installation confirmation email from GFC stating: “No KB VooDoo or Relentless Fabrication rail cap systems.”

I’m assuming this is due to the the 5/8" or so height loss of the rail and potential associated fitment issues, however I’ve long since trashed my old rails. Threads from the melifluous @TearingOut55 and @fatfurious2 have me spooked, with discussion of Waivers of Warranty having to be signed at install date, campers having to be filed to fit, etc.

Would love to hear if anyone else has experience / thoughts? Do I really need to buy/re-install OEM bed rails that will inevitably crack and leak?

Cheers -

[EDIT] I should also note that I already installed a modified sharkfin antenna so there shouldn’t be any issues in that respect.

I contacted GFC about 2nd gen bed rail cap issues and they told me its their most common install and 99% of the trucks have no problems at all and that the one’s that did were most likely due to a random defect or damage of some kind. They assured me that they wouldn’t be installing them if there was common or frequent issues. So, there’s that. Whether you you believe them or not is your call.

Before my install I read over and over the only issue for a 2nd gen Taco with KBVooDoo rails and V2, would be the shark fin antenna. Not having that antenna I figured I was ok. The reality is that it’s also an issue for the tailgate panel due to height loss, and roof rack options, even the ones designed to fit under the GFC. I can post pictures later for you. We had to significantly alter our roof rack and have yet to find a tailgate cap solution (gorilla tape for now, ha!)

I do have some rubbing between tailgate panel and truck bed metal I need to deal with as well.

The waiver for me was specifically due to the roof rack.

In the end, I am still glad to have the KBVooDoo rails. We were recently rear-ended and I think the plastic OEM caps would have been crushed from the whiplash like motion the camper went though, but we came out with the GFC 100% ( I actually think it may have minimized damage to bed, lol)

Out of curiosity, where did you find a modified shark fin antenna for a 2nd gen? Sold out everywhere I’ve looked. Cheers!

I bought a TRP The “Bullet” Cover – TRP Offroad - Sold out as well, but he’s pretty active on TacomaWorld if you want to fire him a message there.

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That’s what I thought as well! Seemed like a win-win when I installed them.

It’s reassuring to hear that waiver was just for roof rack… makes me slightly more likely to leave them on, but, heck I’d like to have a tailgate cap! Seems like even the KBVooDoo tailgate cap might not work. I’m sorry to hear about the accident, hope the rest of the truck is repairable?

I should probably fire them a direct email and get their thoughts.

Yeah the KBVooDoo tailgate cap they took off at install because it couldn’t latch with it on. I don’t think OEM would be better, its a height loss issue. @fatfurious2 had a different cap but same issue, curious if he had to sign a waiver.

For me the waiver was only for install warranty, not entire camper, but I wish I had left the rack off to begin with.

Did they give you some sort of warranty or paperwork at install? I didn’t get anything.

I didn’t sign any waiver. I also don’t have a roof rack (sold the Prinsu i had instead of cutting it). The only “issue” i have is the tailgate thing, which for now i have filed down some of the edges. I havent covered the edge of my tailgate yet, but i plan to this year.

What year is your truck @thesaltgrain ? 05-11 I believe do not have the sharkfin, so we dont need to worry. 09-11 have the short antenna from factory, and therefore don’t have to buy a delete kit. And 05-08 dont even have an antenna, so they are good.

I was freaking out because I couldn’t do backwards fractional math haha! But it turns out, plenty of room on my 2010.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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There was a thread on TW about using the 09-11 short antenna. At least it has the part number to order. Its the same height as the TRP one also.

No warranty signed by me. Unless it was built into the paperwork from paying for install. I had a Mobtown tailgate cap, but they took it off. I have not put it back on yet, or tried to modify to fit.

By the way, Mobtown went out of business, so no longer can get that tailgate piece from them. Relentlessfab and Kbvoodoo are the only companies making it as far as I know.

No paperwork is normally given. I singed a paper voiding my install warranty due to rack. I didn’t take a picture or get a copy of the paper signed but not worried about it at this point.


Heres some pictures of the tailgate panel with the KBV tailgate cap, you can see it holds the panel away from truck preventing it from latching.

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Huh! That’s all super helpful, thank you!!!

I have a 2015, so the antenna needed to be sorted (it is now.)

Any ideas on what you are going to do with the tailgate now?

Here’s the Martin rack before alteration and why I had to sign waiver (note: rack is awesome, it’s not Martin’s fault it didn’t fit with height loss)

This is what mine looks like too but has since worn a little bit of paint off truck after ~100 miles of 4x4 last weekend. I will probably file down


One idea was to remove the two bolts at the end/top of the tailgate, elongate the holes on the tailgate cap and drill new holes for the two bolts. And then slide the cap as far down as possible (with foam in between) and bolt it back in. I also have a feeling that that might not work.

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I filed down the Kbvoodoo rail and a little of the gfc rear door. They’re both aluminum, so they wont rust. Just wont look as pretty when youre 12" away.

In my case, my truck only looks good from 5+ feet anyway :rofl:


Got any pics of the results?

Imagine the rear door filed down 1/16" of and inch and the kbvoodoo bed side cap too. No pics… there is bare aluminum, but since it’s aluminum, it wont rust