Keep eye out for stolen camper

Hello everyone, my truck AND Go Fast Camper were stolen from Seattle on 11/1/22. I have no idea if the fools will try and sell the camper but please keep an eye out for me. I LOVE this truck and camper - spent many years saving up for it and just drove to Montana to get the camper this past June. I’m absolutely devastated and calling on the power of good citizens to help me get it back. Details below:

Stolen 11/1/22 from Fremont neighborhood in Seattle

2004 (first gen), black, Toyota Tacoma
Pl: C33441X
VIN: ends with “…4Z312883”
(No stickers or identifiable features but
the tailgate is NOT original! It’s just black with NO Toyota writing!
Seattle Police case #: 22-294838
(Non emergency line: 206-625-5011)

There is not much to identify the camper if it is off of the truck BUT, I have an orange tent with three zipping doors, a bungee style net inside that was attached with blue carabiners, no windows on the paneling, and one of the husky bars on top is slightly askew (was meaning to fix it but hadn’t yet) - can maybe only see this from a vertical vantage point.

PS hide an air tag in your things or a tracker, have insurance, invest in a good place to park. Don’t be me.


Live just north. Will keep on the look out! Sucks to see this stuff happen.

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Sorry to hear. I’ll keep a lookout here in the South Seattle area.

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Thank you! Any efforts are appreciated.

Thank you! The more eyes I have looking the better :sob:

oh man this is the WORST! I’m really sorry, what a rad truck and camper.

@GFC y’all down to pin this post at the top of marketplace? And maybe even a social blast on IG/FB?


That would be huge! I’m a huge fan of the GFC - our time together was cut short. Need her back. And my not-easily replaceable truck :sob:

Sorry to hear. I’m in Portland and will keep an eye out too.


In Portland and will keep an eye out. Something like 80%-90% of stolen cars around here have been turning up within a few weeks. Hoping for the best!


Is the camper grey or black? I’m in NM. Ill watch for ir headed to the southern border.


Man super bummer dude. I’m in Portland and will keep my eyes open. My car was stolen here a few years ago and I was devastated. Luckily I got mine back the same day but pure luck. I’m a Toyota guy and pretty much look at every Toyota I pass(lol) so I’ll keep my eyes open.

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Dang man that is a bummer, sorry you’re going thru this, thieves suck.
I hope you get your rig back

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It’s black! Just looks a little gray in that one photo bc of the light

Heads up in the central WA area too. My coworker had his duramax stolen from Seatac, yes the airport, and it was used in a robbery in Tacoma and then dumped in Yakima. Yakima Police said nearly all the dropped vehicles they find over the mountain are used as drug deal or robbery vehicles then driven by the perps back across the pass.

Will keep an eye out in GreenLake/Ballard area as well!

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I’ll keep an eye out in Fremont/Queen Anne/Ballard Area as well. I had my truck stolen from this area back in May. Luckily, it was recovered the same day without a scratch on it (just smelled horrible and was filthy).

The thief was found passed out in the drivers seat with the windows down and the radio blasting on full volume. Really frustrating experience, the person denied stealing the truck, said they got picked up in it, so they probably walked free that day. The cops were extremely nonchalant and thought it was funny. They basically told me I was lucky to get it back and to get lost. Apparently you can just steal someones vehicle, do drugs in it all night, and walk away free to do it all again.

Keep your hopes up, sometimes they’re just looking for a warm place to get high. Hoping for the best for you. I’ll keep an eye out.

Yeah it’s a crying shame what is happening in this city. Did you have a go fast on the back at the time?

No, I didn’t have a gfc on there yet.