Keeping bottoms of tent flaps secure?

Anyone come up with a way, short of sewing velcro into the tent, to keep the bottom flaps closed and/or secure? Considering ordering a long strip of 1" wide velcro and sewing it on, but that would take me a while. Or attaching magnets? but don’t want it rusting/staining the material.

Suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance.

Not sure why GFC doesn’t make the tent flaps zip all the way around, like a regular tent.

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I’m curious, do you mind posting an image showing what you’re referencing?

Don’t have time to open my tent at the moment but the bottom edges of the tent fabric are loose, meaning they don’t zipper shut. There’s zippers only on the side edges of the tent doors. At least mine are…

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I used tent snaps. I will try to find the link, I’ve posted it here before but they’re heat/stick on

They work good enough!


Thank you!

So they’re snaps, which I’m assuming you put one on the flap and one on the bottom edge of tent opening? Then use a heat gun?

Yeah. I used two on the back flap and one on each of the side flaps.

If I were to do it again, I would play with the position of the snaps. And maybe trim the patch a little bit so they line up better. Mine are a little off so snapping them can be hard.

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I’m going with 2x1" velcro pieces along bottom edges. gonna probably put 3-4 pieces on each opening. We’ll see how it goes. Debating on adding small amount of epoxy or JB weld to the backs of the velcro pieces to help hold them, as well as sewing them on. Now just gotta find some mango colored thread.

Can you post a picture of the finished project? I was thinking of doing the same. Setting up a sewing machine on top of a ladder and going at it. But, that seems like a lot of work. Love to see what you have done.

Will do, probably going to do one or two this evening once it cools down. I’ll be hand sewing.

This is a great idea! I just purchased a bunch and will post up my results

That’s what I’m using for mine. Gonna add one in the middle of each tent flap, then go from there. Two more on each side of the middle one. Hoping three is enough.