Keeping snow/dust out of V1 tent?

First night in the camper in a very windy snow storm. Is there any mod to keep blowing snow/dust from coming underneath the tent?

They’ve failed to deliver a 4 season tent if you ask me. I’d try some velcro on the open side of all the flaps.

I have a V2 but probably plan on using these:


Thanks. Velcro was my first thought also. Im actually less worried about the snow than the dust as i do a lot of desert camping. Wind-blown dust seems to penetrate any nook.

How do you plan to use those patches?

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I expect cendensation with winter camping. Ive never slept in a tent or popup that didnt experience it other than a double walled tent with a mesh inner (cold). My girlfriend has a four wheel camper and the winter covers on her tent sides do reduce condensation but the roof is always wet. We just keep a towel handy and wipe down in the morning.

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Anyone have any suggestions for an adhesive that will attach velcro strips to V1 tent fabric? I’m planning on adding velcro to hold down the rain covers and also fill in the gaps between the buttons on the tent connections.

E6000 adhesive will work very well, you will need to give it a few hours of clamping action and at least 24 hours to cure


dang, thats a lot snow ~!

One thing I do miss about my iKamper is that the windows zipped up from the bottom. Similar to the small triangle vent windows. You could zip them up half way and tuck the rest inside itself. I wish GFC windows were like that.