Keeping the living quarters truck bed clean?

Ok, this post seems a little silly, but I’m bored at work.

So, after a few nights uses in snow, sand, and mud and tracking that into the truck bed. What are you doing to keep the insides of truck bed (below sleeping quarters) clean and tidy?

I was thinking of taking a tarp, and a mud muck/ scraper and using that before jumping on the tailgate. Or chuck the shoes in a tub before entering the truck and get into my bunny slippers.


Mainer here. Get a water hog. This is a game changer for me.

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I have a small one for our camper, one for garage / woodshop to house door and will get another for the GFC. Collects an ungodly amount of dirt.

Forgot to shake it out before tossing in camper once. Won’t do that again.

Fingertip Mat

Tarp and a hand broom…

I have carpet underneath. After a sweep, either roll the tarp out of the way or it can be removed. That has worked well for me.


I am in for tarp and bunny slippers!

Personally I do two things

  1. I still have the frame of mind its a truck not living quarters with that said I sweep or hose it out as needed

  2. Never invite the dog in the bed, I ripped out the back seats for her so that is a different mess to clean

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For me, I find having the faux tailgate enables me to have the truck tailgate down while camped. This gives me a place to kick the snow off. I have an industrial carpet in the lower section, I have a small hand broom. In the winter, I’ll brush as much snow off my ski boots as I can outside; then inside I just take everything off then sweep all the snow towards the door.

I’ll let you know how it goes in the spring with mud; probably going to get a little door mat for the tailgate to remove shoes before going in.


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What is the faux tailgate? Wood panel?

it’s a truck. shoes stay out of the tent and mud and crap stay downstairs. I have an outdoor rug in the bed that gets shaken out every now and then. it’s a truck. they are supposed to be dirty and used… it’s a truck


It’s how I get the heat in; but I think I’ll probably still use it in the summer.

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I keep a little hand brush in the truck and don’t ever bring my shoes past the tail gate. So I’ll step up onto the tail gate, and sit on my step inside the bed of the truck while taking my shoes off over the tail gate. Shake the shoes off over the end of the tailgate and put them in the bed and use the brush to quickly get rid of the dirt that did make it into the bed. Has worked very well for me.


I agree with @blackhearse

It’s a truck. I’m camping. Dirt is a part of it. Mud and snow get kicked off outside, but a little dirt or sand doesn’t make me sad. It’ll fit right in with the needles from hauling my Christmas tree and the sawdust/bar oil from my chainsaw. It’s a truck. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


+1 to @CharlieHarrison — Shoes never go past the tailgate. Yes “it’s a truck” and yes we’re camping — but a clean-ish bed goes a long way when you’re living on the road and the bed is your only enclosed hangout and living space. I too have a compact OXO hand brush and dust pan mounted to the side of my Dometic.


Current situation = Horse poop from multi-use trails and 2.25 mtb tires…chalk it up to bolstering the boy’s immune system?

My MTB days are over unfortunately :frowning:

In a previous truck, storing a bike in the back was common even with a topper. Somehow I was lucky to avoid most road apples and cow pies on my biking adventures, though I do recall some pretty large pies out on the 401 trail.

Thanks to all for the suggestions! Small broom, tarp and a place for shoes are likely the next step as is it does not require buying anything. The mats looks amazing, may consider those at some point.


I’ve been using this