King of the Hammers 2024

Anyone planning on going to King of the Hammers this year? If so, when? I’m thinking about heading out for Race of Kings on February 3rd. We had a pretty decent camp spot last year that was out of the dust.

Camp Co-ordinates: 34.39994, -116.53809

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I will there working with OnX!


Here is the link to the schedule


I’m going! :raising_hand_man:t3: We usually go the last Thursday-Saturday (Feb 1st-3rd) so we don’t get stuck in a ton of traffic. Plus you can see back door Thursday and chocolate thunder Friday night. :metal:t2::metal:t2:

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@GainzGFC Nice. Are you going to be in a booth in Hammertown? If so I’ll be sure to swing by.

@TheSaylorAdventures Thursday mid-day to catch the nightly chaos is our main goal too.

I updated the original post with the camp co-ordinates from last year. Everyone is invited.

i’m a maybe since I have a get-together to go to at JV shortly after KOH… that way we avoid the shenanigans of KOH.

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Following, might be able to make it happen

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I just put a little diesel heater in mine for the cold KOH nights.

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