Kinsmen 270 driver's side for GFC for sale

Ordered in Feb22. Received Sep22. Installed briefly on my GFC V2 for my 5th Gen T4R. Bomber construction, deploys easily and looks incredible, like the 23Zero Peregrine 270, that is until you try to open the rear gate.
I paid $2150 plus $100 S&H. Will take $2150 OBO and can make arrangements to meet you (help install) if you are IVO NYC (Northeast).

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let me know if you make your way out to CO

Why selling if you don’t mind me asking?

If you have any plans to come out to MT give a shout. Quite the haul but who knows!

I’ve tried a couple 270’s and it appears they are just not practical for the 4Runner. Especially if you cook/camp out of the back. I thought this one would be different since I found Kinsmen through the forum but after installing and working with them for a bit on trying to find a solution in order to clear the gate, just wasn’t going to happen without major modifications. If I had a camper or any other vehicle, I would be hanging onto it.

I am super interested in your awning. Just sent you PM