Kinsmen Awning and DripRail Compatibility

I was poised to order a pair of DripRails, but hesitated when I wondered if they will get in the way of a Kinsmen Awing mount. The awning is something I plan to install in the next year or so. Anyone own both? I’ve studied pics of the awning and it appears there won’t be a problem, but I’d like to be sure. Thanks.


Following because I already ordered the drip rails and have a kinsman on order.

@jedgar has this been tested?

I have not heard for a Kinsmen specifically, but they usually work with most awnings. Hopefully someone with first hand experience will chime in.

For general info the DripRail and spacer are 3/16 ish wide on the mounting side, then the bolt heads stick out another 1/8 ish inch. The furthest back mounting bolt is 7.5" back from the front of the camper so as long as the awning mounting bracket is further back than that it should be good.


Have both and no issues with either.


Ok, thanks for the information.

We have a V2 GFC and Kinsman, but no drip rails. We’re willing to provide photos and/or measurements of fitment if needed.

Thanks. It looks like it’s going to fit based on the comment of a previous poster.

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I have both without issue, but I also have a DCLB.

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