Kinsmen on a V2

I also set a post notification hoping to hear something. I emailed them a week ago asking if their posted lead times are still accurate before placing an order, no reply. I hope they are ok!

Same here, I did not place an order and decided wait and hear an actual feedback about the product from @wruth because honestly, nothing really give a detailed feedback from someone that owns a 4runner with gfc V2 rtt.

I’ve had the same non response, I ordered back in November too

I got an answer last week on the status:

  • They had a lot of GFC V2 orders come in at once, so it’s delayed things

  • They are moving shops from a garage to a commercial building

  • The owner is transitioning the business as a side project to a fulltime role

I’m doing the Georgia Traverse next week, so I’m hoping to stop in and pick-up (if it’s ready).


Thanks for the update! I am excited for your Sir!
What fabric color did you choose?

I keep emailing them about the bracket as I have had the awning for a year that I Ordered for a V1 but then I got a V2 camper when they switched. I’m patiently waiting but haven’t had a reply back since mid January.

I have the orange for the GFC. The awning only comes in one color - I think someone posted about a custom color, but they said they weren’t doing that at this time.

Hmm, that’s odd it isn’t available for order on the site. I can only see V1 brackets. If I’m able to stop in next week, I’ll mention it.

How did it go with your visit Sir?

It wasn’t ready when I was there. I’m going again in few weeks, so really hoping it’ll be done by then.

Thank you! keep us posted.

Sooo… has anyone received a v2 Kinsmen 270 yet? Far as I can tell people place orders, some are having little or no luck getting responses, and to date I haven’t seen one of these posted. Just curious as this was once a thing I was planning on and now think I will just live life without

Same here, I wanted to see a good review 1st before pulling the trigger. Hopefully @wruth gets his soon

I ordered immediately after it went live, and I still haven’t received mine. The last response I received from them was: “I just got everything moved into the new shop and started getting everything set back up. It’ll most likely be end of the month or early April depending on how quickly I’m able to get hired help up and running productive.”

I’m still holding out for it, but will most likely cancel the order if May rolls around with no answer/delivery. I’ve been up that way for overland trips four separate times since ordering - I was seeing if I could pickup instead of having it shipped, but I either didn’t get a reply at all or in time, or it wasn’t ready.

Aww! that doesn’t sound good. I hope he get this thing together…

Hopefully it gets figured out soon. I did look again on the website and the lead time went from 3 months to 5 months, so that would put mine to be done around May 1. I have a 6 week trip in July, and I would love to have this for that, but if I don’t have anything by June, I’ll need to cancel.

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I just got mine a few days ago and going to install it to the tent today.

I’ll update once I have the tent mounted again on the 4Runner.


I got notified that I’ll be getting my awning next week. Anyone have an install video or any pain points you noticed? Thanks!

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Start with mounting the rear mount.
Then measure and mount the second and third mount.
Then bolt one loosely into the rear mount.
Pivot up to the third mount and put in one bolt.
Bolt up the remaining bolt holes.

I installed mine, haven’t had time to play with it though but once I do I’ll post pics


Appreciate the tip. I’ll let you know how the install goes

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