Kinsmen on a V2

Anyone heard how far out they are on brackets for a kinsmen awning? Last email I got in June they said later that month. Sent like 4 emails since and nothing. I have there awning already with old mounts. Just need new ones.

As of about a month ago they were trying to find some with a V2 near them down in TN (or wherever they are in the south) so they could spend some time testing how they wanted to set the mounts for a V2. No further updates. Road trip down there? Lol

Someone on this forum is due to drive to Kinsmen’s location mid October.
I forgot his username. I am waiting for this update too.

That was me! I got got my V2 RTT delivered this week. I’m driving up late October to visit the shop while vacationing in the area. I’ll be sure to update once I stop in.


I ordered my new brackets for my kinsmen in July (have a v1 and upgraded my hinges from original to embassy). They said a supplier flaked on them and they recently found a new one and my brackets were still a few weeks out - as of mid September, so hopefully I see them soon.

Not sure if that helps. Seems like they’re a little backed up due to the supplier.

Thank you for posting here.
I am excited too, please keep us updated with your visit.

Yes please keep us updated!

Well, still waiting to hear back from them - communication hasn’t been great. Hopefully we can find a time for measurements while I’m in the area.

I hope he take advantage of this opportunity.
He should at least work out a schedule with you.

I tried them on Instagram again and followed up for a third time on email. I really want to make it work while I’m relatively close (2 hour detour). I have the platform RTT and they really wanted a camper in there to test. Maybe if other people ping them they will be keen on answering.

Anyway, I was upfront that if it’s too much hassle I would look into a alu-cab shadow awning when I stop by Asheville Vehicle Outfitters.

Yeah, I was a bit disappointed at some point because I had a very clean intention to help out, i’m sure you remember a topic here that I had to request to be remove because there are information there that he was not comfortable… but it was my fault completely, I missed out one very important information on our communication.

Or maybe there are blocking point for RTT that is why he is not keen to push the project, instead he wants to focus on camper.

I will email him and let you know if he reply

He did reply to my email.

He said he is busy with setting up his inhouse cut/sew machine.

He mentioned that there will be someone that will visit him with the measurement at the end of this month, I hope this is you…

I have a set of mounts for a V1 with upgraded hinges. I picked up a V2 and waiting for new mounts as well.

Let me know if you are interested.

I appreciate that but my order should get to me in next few weeks and wouldn’t feel right cancelling my order with them. If something falls through though, I’ll definitely reach out.

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How did it go with your trip Sir?

We talked back and forth a few times but they really wanted a camper in for fitment (I just have a RTT). Per my last exchange with them, measurements are being taken this weekend from a V2 camper, and then if all goes well orders will be open the following week(s).


Ok, sounds good! don’t you think RTT has more details that needs to put into consideration than a camper?

Are you going to pull the trigger right away once its ready for ordering?

I think Kinsmen is correct to base the design off of a camper. That way they can make sure the side panel doors will open properly.

Like @gwiz said, probably has to do with the panel doors. They posted this on their instagram yesterday, so I think that’s a good sign! I will most likely be one of the first, if not the first, V2 order. I have a plugin running in the background to check the order page for any updates.


Very Cool! I am excited too!
I guess my point is if he can incorporate a stopper for our rear hatch that would be cool, so it won’t get scratch or dent by the awning arms or bracket.