Konrad's 2017 DCSB Trail Tacoma Build

Hey everyone!

My name is Konrad. I help to run TrailTacoma.com - we focus on high quality posts around all things 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma. Installs, reviews, overviews, how-tos, trip reports, buyer’s guides, etc.

The idea is to provide a solid resource for the community and build new relationships.

I’ve got a Super White OR 3rd Gen Tacoma. Just crossed 100k miles on the odometer. Running a white V2 camper.

I picked up my camper in February of 22’. Check out the post I wrote on our site.

3,000 Mile Road Trip To Go Fast Campers

I’ve spent about 14 nights in the camper since I picked it up. Absolutely stoked on how it’s performed so far. The next step will be to dial it in with a full build out. Still trying to figure out details, but I’ve got some big ideas and a good start.

Speaking of build outs… I’m working on a post on the top aftermarket support companies and products for the GFCs. I’ve got about 10 companies there and I’ll be wrapping up the photos and everything soon.

Within that post, Trail is working closely with Backwoods Adventure Mods (armor, lighting, accessories, etc. for the overland/off-road crowd). We’re bringing a limited release product to market. A MOLLE panel that bolts to the front of the space frame. Shooting for a VERY good discount. More on that soon…

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you guys/gals and documenting the build.

The shot above is from our latest trip to Missouri to the Mark Twain National Forest. We were pleasantly surprised by the spots we were able to find. This picture is from our campsite on the final night, right off the river. It was super pretty.