Lackey's 2019 Tacoma V1 #943

Few years back, we were told about a camper with a movable floor. Few months later, we were on the list. Quite awhile later, we were headed to Montana to pick it up. It was well worth the wait.

Few trips and a few revs later, it’s in a good place for us but always tweaking. Our biggest challenge has been the weight in the back with all our camping gear.

In Baja on our way to San Ignacio

Current build

  • King shocks and generic UCA
  • OME heavy duty leaf springs
  • Cali raised sliders
  • Cab mount chop
  • 3 beef bars
  • 16" KMC Impact wheels w/ KO2s
  • Expedition Essentials 3TPAM
  • Off-grid Engineering dual battery system w/ 64Ah and Redarc BCDC12
  • Blue Sea plugs and Anderson fridge plug in back
  • Mountain hatch tailgate
  • Madcap lights
  • JE Drip rails
  • VRNCLR frame packs & top shelf
  • Super helpful little levels (Shittco)
  • Mattress topper
  • Other stuffs

Past stuff

  • Bilstein 5100 & add-a-leaf
  • AL roof rack
  • RIGd supply tire swing

Install day

Day 1

Another reason we chose this is that we can still use our truck for truck stuff. We remodeled our bathroom and piled all the demoed material (including the tub) in the back for a dump run.

Stance with Bilsteins, add-a-leaf, and AL roof rack


New Maxtrax Mount location to keep room for the SUP

Blue Sea’s bedside plugs and anderson for the fridge

Off-grid 2nd battery system


Good call on the anderson for the fridge. I’m going to have to add that to the to-do list because the 12v cig plug gets banged around with my current setup.


The guys over at Basil’s Garage recommended it during install. Wife and I just finished a 3,000 mi road trip and it worked with no issues. Secure the entire time, and when in use or not in use its up and out of the way, much more low profile than the cig plug. They also hooked up a cable that is curled up under the hood to drag out for a solar blanket that has an anderson on it as well to top off the spare battery.


Great build looking good!! Just received my topper. What mounts are you using for you recovery boards on the beef bars? Thank you so much

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Awesome! Those toppers look rad. The mount is the Prinsu with the Maxtrax pins. Had them left over from the roof rack and they fit well on the beef bars with some track nuts.


Amazing build! Definitely going to steal a page or two out of this book - well done! :raised_hands:

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Great build.
I really like the USB and outlet panel you have in the rear, suoer useful.
I gotta say my favorite part of the GFC is the ability to stuff it with camping gear or a load to the dump. Its so very useful in that light.

Campers are great, but the utilitarian use of the GFC makes it endlessly amazing.

Appreciate it. On our last trip we kept forgetting about the new plugs, but when we remembered we had the phones hooked up while around the fire and the camper lights plugged in.

Making sure we could still do truck-stuff even with the camper was key to our original decision. Do we still dream about more amenities? All the time, but we’ve got the truck loaded up with firewood, golf clubs, furniture, etc. and a full blown camper wouldn’t allow that.

love the bed side plug, do you have that wired to the second battery?

@Bholm91 the rear plugs and the fridge are hooked up to the second battery. Should have had it done sooner.