Ladder Mounting/storage

Hey all, I have a v2 GFC and was wondering if anyone has insight on how to mount (inside the camper) the ladder or general storage. Not a GFC specific ladder, just in general. I’m starting to think of a way to mount/store it on the T track rails I have in the Tacoma bed. But maybe people have already thought about this and figured it out.

I also looked around for mounting ideas forever and ended up just sticking with a bungie cord. Cheap and easy. I don’t even bring the ladder anymore if it’s just me. If the kids are with I will bring it since they sleep up top and I sleep in the bed.

Only picture I could find, but it’s just strapped against the bed on the left side.

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I stow my ladder in front of my storage trunk front passenger side. I also don’t use it unless my wife is camping and we go full bed…


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I put a molle panel on the front of the bed and mounted a collapsible ladder from Amazon using two quickfists, works great!


where’d you get the molle panel from? Looks handy

I got it off Amazon, this is the version I ended up with:

There are some other companies like CaliRaised that make panels. This one fit the budget. Definitely handy, my only complaint is that the bed isn’t wide enough! :laughing: The other thing to consider is a bed mat; I had to cut some little pieces off to have the OEM bed mat fit flush again. The mount brackets at the bottom of the molle pushed the mat out past the end of the bed, quick fix with a utility knife.

What size clamps are those and do you by chance have a link?

Shovel and axe Quickfists are these:

The ladder Quickfists are these:

I was able to buy the smaller ones at a local shop but I think I had to order the 3” version directly from the manufacturer. Seems like it’s an odd size that few folks stock.

I had to use hose clamps to attach the big version to the molle but so far zero issues.


I have a pretty simple solve/set up, I took some bed cleats and a “perfect bungee” and I tie it down towards the tailgate on the driver side so it’s easy access for setting up camp, the plastic cleats don’t damage anything and it doesn’t rattle at all so far. One bungee hook goes on the camper mount and the other through the bed cleat and around the ladder leg. I’ve included some mediocre photos below for reference.

Bungees can be found at HomeDepot or on Amazon.

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I’ve been keeping mine similar to @MT_Taco18 but I’ve been using these quick twist things instead to hold it onto the molle. They are kind of a PITA and those quick fist clamps look easier to use, going to grab some, thanks!