Ladder solution for V2 with no side doors?

I’ve had my V2 since last October on a Tundra. Love it. Was single when I bought it and figured I didn’t need side doors. Now I’ve got a lady and a small pup. It will be their first camping trip in the GFC this weekend and I’m realizing climbing up and down from in the bed with all 3 of us up top will be a pain. I live just down the road from GFC HQ so thinking of getting the ladder + claws. Is it a huge pain to mount this off the back instead of the sides since no side doors? Crazy to think I could mount on the side all the way rearward and be able to climb up and down into the camper using the standard rear tent door?

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The only downside of mounting the ladder at the rear is that you will not have full access to the tailgate, rear shell door. Of course you still have side access into the bed of the truck.
I would say mounting the ladder on the side all the way to rear would be unsafe for entering\exiting the rear of the tent.

Does the Tundra have a flat spoiler tailgate top like the 3rd gen Tacoma? If so you might be able to clamber up the back without using a ladder at all.

Here’s a time stamped link to a YouTube showing what I mean (not my video):

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My 2012 Tundra tailgate does have a bit of lip so that might work.

Also thinking side ladder mount all the way rearward plus some kind of little steps mounted into the t-tracks on the back above rear door as a place to step one foot while going from ladder > custom step > into rear tent door.

Should have just ponied up for the side doors!

So something I have found from experience when going up the ladder… remember you can’t use the tent fabric for support… there is nothing to hold onto to go around the back of the camper from the side where the ladder is… I’ve almost fallen doing stuff like that. I definitely urge caution. If you must use the ladder, then mount it at the back and just deal with not being able to use the tailgate door if you need to.

See above video…
How about a tailgate top step for those without the tacoma lip? It’s amazing how the simplist things are often super useful. With my tacoma this method of entry works. Maybe not for other trucks. This is indeed great for impromptu stops for a quick overnight camp without having to unload anything.


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It also gets hard if you have stuff in the truck. That’s what dictates if I go through the bed or bring a ladder more than anything.