(!) Last FIREQUILTS left

Yo GFC homies!

I’m super stoked about this new quilt we have. Built like our hoverquilt but 4.5 ft instead of 6.5 ft wide. Still that good length at 7.5 ft since my cofounder is 6’6" … and no one likes short blankets. The warmest and comfiest 1 person blanket out there, built like a technical 15F sleeping bag (comfortable to 30F) and packs down ridiculously small.

Check it out!

And remember to plug in GOFAST10 at checkout, which gives you 10% off :beers:


ps this rad van is Taylor’s (@meandering.may on insta) and I’d be surprised to not see her GFC RTT migrate to it soon :call_me_hand:

other fun firequilt facts:

  • elastic cinch bottom to close off a footbox for extra warmth. Or hammock mode.
  • extra toggle loops for linking together (2x firequilts = KING size :crown:)
  • 110% guarantee - after 110 nights, if you’re not stoked, return it! And we pay return shipping.

Sleeping bags are cool and all, but my silver/charcoal Hoverquilt is the go-to for most conditions. So much easier to throw a leg out when I’m toasty, it packs away like a dream, and quick night missions are even easier without having to unzip and slip on out.

However, this color combo is so damn nice… mildly jealous. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thanks for the love @Thayne!

And here’s a little comparison between the hoverquilt, firequilt, and generic mummy that I’ve been working on:



Super cool!!! My wife is going to love it. Before I hit checkout, will the firequilt be available in other colors?

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Sweet! She’ll love it. And we’ll toss in some other goodies too :call_me_hand:

No new colors for now, but hopefully early next year :crossed_fingers: … anything you’d like to see?

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Awesome! Thank you! I just ordered it.

I love the sage green/dark green you use for the hoverquilt. If it were my ultimate choice, anything teal/turquoise :heart_eyes:

So stoked!!! Its here :heart_eyes:


RAD!! Thanks again for the support and enjoy! :call_me_hand:

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You got it! Always wanted one. This material quality is magnificent :ok_hand:t4:

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I am so on the fence of ordering one lol…I know my mind will probably change once I finally see it in person.

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I know what you mean! Takes me a good while to research before I commit. It definitely helps to feel these things in person - we just sold 42 quilts at the expo in Bend even in 95F weather!

One nice thing that could help is we’ve got that risk free guarantee - return for any reason within 110 days and we even pay return shipping :zap:

You know it’d be kinda rad to do tiny little pillows or mini blankets I could send to folks (or maybe koozies?) out of the same material to feel in person before buying


Was just about to suggest doing maybe a 6x6 square but koozies would be BA too!

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I’m so bummed that I missed you at the expo! I really wanted to see one in person. I suck.

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Best sleeping device ever. Just had my sister here from New Zealand and took her camping and gave her the hoverquilt to use, she couldn’t believe how good it was…like kept talking about it, def one of the best buys we have made for camping

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Next time! Hopefully we’ll be landing some in some retail / partner shops soon so you can check em out!

Dude thanks so much Duncan! You’ve been with us from the beginning :pray: :pray:

I bet your sister had a great time with you and the family while she was here in the US!

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I might need a Firequilt to match my Hoverquilt

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Ready when you are! And it’ll look great with your setup :metal:

Just remember GOFAST20 for that extra love this December - and I’ll toss in a couple extra goodies for ya. If you order by Monday I’ll make sure it expedites and lands before Christmas if you need it


Big News! We’re almost ready to launch our new colors of hoverquilts (later this week!) — and the new Hoverquilt Solo replaces the Firequilt. It’s basically the same, but with a couple very small tweaks to align with the updated HQ.

So … here’s your best shot at the last firequilts we’ve got on hand - it’ll sell out this week with this sale we’re offering. And like our other limited colorways, when it’s gone it’s gone.

It’s been so cool to see how crazy versatile this thing is with our customers and our own family. Small enough to backpack with (1.5lbs), but toggle 2 together for that King Size comfort. Kid’s soccer games, hammocks, etc.

Use code “LIFTOFF” for 30% off and free shipping! $199 for a 30F true comfort down quilt. Or 399 for a King Size … not too shabby :metal: