Latch + locks

I’ve had my Gfc camper since June and I’ve always struggled a little with the locks and latches on my camper. It’s gotten to the point now after a few months of winter that I can’t even get a key in some of the locks. I did end up buying some aftermarket latch covers, but as of today 3/6 locks I can’t even open anymore. Pretty frustrated with this setup

Are they broken? Have you tried lube?

Recommend adding some Tri-flow into the tumblers if it’s an issue with getting the key in. If you’re feeling a bit more DIY, you can always swap the entire set out for the superior C5 latches. Will take some cutting, time and $ but from what I’ve heard it’s a worthwhile upgrade

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I use the T9 bike stuff from REI to keep moisture out of the latches and locks and then run the latch covers from @Buhlockaye

Haven’t had a lock freeze so far this winter but last year before the T9 and covers I was using a heat gun almost every other day.


I had this stuff on hand when I first got my used GFC and used it cause my key wasnt going smoothly in the locks. Almost a year later and the locks are still working smoothly without reapplying