Latches Missing Rubber?

Just bought a used v2. Are the latches on a v2 supposed to have a rubber stopper? Mine have a place where they would screw in but it is missing. Seems to close fine but concerned about wear.

It’s always been metal to metal

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As far as I’m aware and if I understand correctly, the latches do not have a rubber stopper on the backside. Some of the older V2s had longer arms with a bolt whereas the newer ones just have a shorter arm like the rear latches. Hope that helps!

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Do you mind reaching out to our CX team or posting a photo of the latch and what you think might be missing? Just want to make sure all is well given that you bought the camper used.

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Best pic I could get in the dark. You can see the threaded hole.

That looks like the rear door and that’s exactly how mine is. Totally normal; should be flush with the interior aluminum blocks on both sides