Launching Custom Art for GFC!

Maybe some Topo, and add a bronze color option?

Just finished printing the fish. Been out of town for a few weeks and need to apply it to see how it turns out.

Working on a River/Mountain scene!

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@ChossBagger excited to see what you come up with! We were considering vinyl wrap, but this could be a rad option.


I had been looking at a vinyl wrap as well, but have had bad luck with them on other vehicles over time with oxidation, cracking, etc. Once they oxidize and crack they are murder to get off. This is one of the reasons I am looking at getting artwork airbrushed on and clear coated.

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@dakine oh, good to know! Thank you for the heads up.

Thanks to everyone that reached out with interest in a Colorado option! I’m really excited to let everyone know that we now offer the Diamond of Longs Peak and the Maroon Bells are coming soon. Check out the Diamond here: The Diamond of Longs Peak for Go Fast Campers

@WrinkledPants - Long’s Peak is LIVE. Maroon Bells coming soon!

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I would sure love if you did one of the Bridger Mountain Range from here in Belgrade Montana where the GFC campers are made!

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Cool idea Clint! Will look at this for consideration.

Ok so is the website still if so can u send me a link

The website is not active. Are these graphics still available to purchase?

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