Launching Custom Art for GFC!

Hi Everyone,

Following in the inspirational footsteps of Josh Edgar, Shitco, Matt Gecko, Kinsman, and others, a couple of climbing partners and I are launching a GFC accessory company focused on art, design, and graphics specifically made to amplify and represent the outdoor places we all love!

We are soft-launching our new company, Overland Expressions, and we are 100% American designed and American made. The purpose of Overland Expressions is to provide large format, custom art decals so you can represent the important places that matter the most to you.

We are starting production by offering four custom art decals:

  • the Desert
  • Yosemite Valley
  • the Tetons
  • Cascade Volcanoes

You can check out all of these and the color options on our website.

Hit me up if you have any questions!

  • Matt Jeffries, Overland Expressions

some of us don’t live in desert. are there plans for woodland scenes?


@blackhearse Yes! We are working on additional options. Is there a particular woodland scene that fires you up?

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nothing in particular. but being a hunter and fisherman, deer, ducks or fish would be great


Steelhead or Salmon for the fish :grinning:


Colorado mountain scenes.

Where are you located, Matt?


More desert scenes? Maybe some smaller art that doesn’t cover the whole panel?
I’d love a Churchrock scene from my town, Gallup NM.



@WrinkledPants - The crew from Overland Expressions is up in Spokane, WA. Anything in particular you fired up for from CO?

@GFC706 - No way! I have family in Gallup… On the Overland Expressions website we also have small format mountains from all over the west (no small format desert scenes though). Feel free to DM me or drop me a note at if you have something specific in mind.

Cool. Any iconic western rivers you would be stoked to rep on a GFC panel/window?

Iconic mtn ranges in general would be popular. There is a big population of GFC owners here. You wouldn’t want to miss this market.

Gore Range (near Vail)
Longs Peak (Rocky Mtn Natl Park)
San Juan Mtns (Teluride, Durango)
Great Sand Dunes Natl Park
Any alpine meadow scene
Maroon Bells (Aspen) one of the most recognized Mtn peaks in the world.

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right on! thank you!.. I will put these on the list for consideration.

Trinity, Klamath, Eel, Smith, - California
Smith, Chetco, Rogue - Oregon
Kenai, Wood, Situk - Alaska

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Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions. I will pass these on to my co-founder (the artist!)

Very cool designs, would be interested in something a bit smaller if that’s in the cards at some point :+1:

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@richmeyer - we have a number of small format art decals on the website. And if you were thinking something in between just email me ( Happy to help!

Well hell, just when I when I thought I was done spending money for a minute. I’m in WA and the smaller decals have all the hits covered. Picking up my camper in April and will be adding some of these.


It would be totally over the top if you could do some first nation art like this salmon

Thanks @dakine! … We are actually testing a fish design right now, we need to see how it comes out as a decal though. Once we finish development, I can DM you what we are thinking if you are interested.

Personally, I love the first nations design you posted as I grew up on the coast of the PNW and this part of the ethos of the area. That said, Overland Expressions is currently focused more on natural landscapes as we are just getting started.

How did the did your fish artwork come out as a decal?