Leader board officially dead

Well the google sheet leaderboard is officially dead. There’s an explanation video linked in it. Rest In Peace.


It was bound to happen after it was shared with everyone.

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never talk about leaderboard


Knew it was going to happen when the poster wouldn’t remove it. Myself and two others had asked the poster to remove it, but he wouldn’t.

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probably for the best… now to find something else to obsess over. that last bit was sarcasm. I know it doesn’t come through text that well. it was nice to see how close “samples shipped” was getting to me

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I know that feeling. I watched it everyday as it got closer to “in production” for me. Now I get to wait for the surprise email. Probably for the best though.

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First rule about the GFC Leaderboard, don’t talk about the GFC Leaderboard.


Did my part and warned ya