Superlite has one…

RTT and camper should have one.

Working on what gets displayed.

Stage one: Unit number, Build Status, city/state of customer.

Stage 2: Unit Number, Build Status, city/state of customer, Estimated Install Window.

The latter taking a little more time to compile as we are currently sorthing through our supported vehicle map.

That said, does anyone have input on things they might want to see in addition to this info? Also, want to gauge comfort in having rough city/state level information being published alongside the unit number.

Not promising you will see anything added, but just want to go straight to the source on this one.




I’d love to see the V2 leaderboard. Not sure I’d like the city state on there or why that would be pertinent information. Date of expected install is all I care about!

I’d be interested in date of completion + make/model

Agreed on the leaderboard showing expected install date, any delays, purchase date, build number etc… As for location, that should be optional. I could see value in it for those of us maybe wanting to caravan if you’re coming from the same general area for an install. So essentially, when you purchase your spot you would have an option in your account to show or hide your location and other pertinent information (like truck model). I wouldn’t really care if someone knew I was coming from central BC, and think that you may even make more friends that way. But not everyone likes people…you know.

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Well said! Agree and would definitely love to see the Leaderboard.

I think build number plus vehicle year, make, model, & bed length is important information. Location should be optional.

I’ll get something up today, stay tuned. Will update this thread.


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Looks like its live on the main site menu, click on Customer Resources.

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F-YA!!! Great work @GFC ! Leaderboard looks great! Love the filters was able to find where my unit is at. This should definitely alleviate those repeat questions flooding supports inbox!


Sorry I didn’t post here last night guys, had a sick kid at home and was away from the computer. Appreciate ya for sharing it @MBBME !

Working on the RTT leaderboard page now, and will send out the public rollout in just a bit here.



This is rad and way more fancy pants than the V1 leaderboard! Thanks @GFC… Y’all always get fancy with a v2 :slight_smile:

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We are using a tool called airtable that is pretty awesome.

For those of you that are seeing this with V1 units, or early RTT, know that we are going to backpopulate this database with old unit numbers.


That’s a pretty sweet set up. Thanks and nicely done!

Notice this evening that the leaderboard doesn’t scroll well on an iPad. Anyone else experience that?

@Haggis, I’ve found you just have to be very deliberate in where you touch inside the windows to scroll. It does work, but not always the easiest!

@GFC is there anyway to update the leaderboard with correct info? I’m 1390 and it should say Grass Valley, CA instead it says Greenfield, IN (I’m not sure why it would say IN). Just random curiosity.


I bet original person who placed deposit was in Greenfield.

Absolutely you can, please send me an email at support@gfcengineering.com with your unit number and correct location and we will update it across the board.

@gwiz exactly.