"Less Common" Platform Camper Question

I have a 2005 Toyota Tundra with an 8’ Bed and GFC scanned the bed of the truck back in April. I was wondering for anyone out there who has a “less common” model of a truck who had their bed scanned what the process and timeline was for a platform camper to be prototyped and go into production. I know it’s obviously not a priority since it’s not a common model but wanted to see kind of time frame is realistic. I know that eventually it will be made and I can not be more excited. I miss having a GFC! I also believe this will be the first 8’ midsize truck as well. If anyone has any experience with the process let me know. If not, post your coolest photos of your rigs for fun. Thanks!

From my experience it took about 3 ish months (might be longer, hard to remember) from the time they scanned it. My camper is a one off as well. Put in a deposit back in February of 21 and didn’t get one till October of 22. I believe you’re in a better position than I was in. They have a list they work off of. They’re a lot better now than before.

Thanks for the info! What do you have a camper on?

2008 Long bed Nissan Frontier king cab. At the time, I was the only person and probably still am with that truck that wanted a GFC. Guess that’s the price of having a unique model

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