Let's talk poop....toilets!

Hey all! To date, my toilet “system” has been a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid and recyclable bags. Kinda smelly and less than desirable, though practical.

What are y’all using? Does anyone have an actual portable toilet they recommend?

grab some peat moss or carry sawdust with you and it will make a significant difference in the smell.


Sounds you have done the dirty work to find this info out.

I like this one GO Anywhere Complete Portable Camping Toilet - for Ice Fishing, Camping and Snowmobiling - Comes with 3 Toilet Kits (Waste Bag with Poo Powder, Zip-Close Storage Bag, Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer) https://a.co/d/hQlsmZX

Store the bags when filled in a trash compactor bag with some cold campfire ash and have very little smell.


My trips are usually 1-3 days. I’m a medium-sized, medium-build person. I bought this thing

And some garbage bags. Someone else here had recommended these

as a smell-proof shit storage container, but to be honest, it’s way too big for one person’s waste storage. I’d happily get rid of mine and have never used it while camping. Maybe it would make an OK bear storage thingy to put food inside? IDK

This little toilet is sorta-OK. I mean you can sit on it and relieve yourself, and then tie off the bag and throw it in another container. It’s not particularly comfortable or private (unless used inside the GFC). I like that it takes very little space relative to other options.

I watched a lot of Youtubers discussing all this and didn’t see any magic bullets, but I’d be interested in what others have to share about this. Particularly because I’d like to bring friends along who might want a clean, comfortable/civilized way to do this vs digging a hole (which is just fine with me).

I don’t want to admit it because this is a weird thing to admit to learning about in detail lol

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Keep using what you’re using, but add a little kitty litter to the equation.

But that’s just, like, my opinion, man…

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I poop in one of these…yay cancer

The rest of the family use a small RV toilet, pictured in the lower right just below the bikes. For some reason I get to deal with even though I don’t use it

Prior to the RV toilet we used a luggable loo or dug holes in less sensitive areas

Each method has its benefits. If you’re bagging it, I recommend a bucket with a tight fitting lid to keep the used bags in. It’ll help keep the smell contained.

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Hey stickyTaco, sorry to hear about the bag. While I never had to deal with that, I fought (and won) a battle 13 years ago with SCC… no fun for sure. I hope your journey gets better!!!

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Thanks. I’m not new to the cancer battle. I was first diagnosed in 2011 and told I had 18-24 months to live in 2014 with my first recurrence. Then it came back again in 2018 and 2020. As much as it sucked to wake up with ostomies in 2020 (urostomy and colostomy), they’ve allowed me to be more active again which is important since I have 2 little ones that I want to share adventures with.

Really, the colostomy makes disbursed camping easy…just pop off the full bag, toss it in a dog pop bag, and slap on a new one.


5 gallon bucket with screw-on toilet seat, light weight kitty litter in a black garbage bag, lining the bucket. Throw a little more litter on top of your business to control smell.

I use a marine toilet, its at the top of the photo between the power supply and the couch. Initially bought it for emergency use only during winter camping but now I end up using it all the time cause its so much easier and convenient. When it gets full I find a pit toilet and dump it. Honestly one of the best ‘upgrades’ I’ve done so far.

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I don’t use anything yet, but if I do get something, it’s gonna be a Groover… aka river toilet… used one on a multi day trip last year. River rafting worked great and we had a pretty big group. The key is do not urinate into it and it’s basically smell free. If you urinate in the same container, it gets really gross.

I use a 5 gallon bucket with the snap on toilet seat. I use a tall kitchen bag and then I dump these small powder packs into it before use. I used to use kitty litter, but this stuff is amazing and packs so much smaller. Once Im ready to remove the trash bag, ill tie it up and place it into a gallon ziplock bag so theres no spills and put it with the trash.

Here’s the powder I use: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMLF799L?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

Turbo Toilet. Folds flat, works perfectly, bags with goo-creating-magical-powder work really well. It’s been years and my TT is still kicking.

You can also use some cedar chips for the aroma