Lifting by beef bars?

Does anyone know if it would be safe to use the Beef bars to lift and remove the camper via a pulley system like is used to remove jeep hard tops?

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I have no idea, but I could see it ending with some profanity if attempted.

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Lifting by the beef bars would probably be a bad idea as the hinge and latches for the roof aren’t designed to take load in that direction.

However, based on how they lift to install the camper it looks like you could lift from the lower extrusion safely, or i would just make a sling like the installers have that girth hitches around the rear vertical supports and loops over the front corners.


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It is pretty easy to lift from the space frame in the rear and the cab overhang in the front. I have a friend with a winch system to lift off his sled deck and it works awesome for the gfc too. I just used 2 15’ NRS straps then hooked the winch into those.

That is probably how I will end up doing it. I have the new hinges so I can remove the sides and back door easily.

I was able to just open the doors, run the strap then close the doors on the strap and there was no pressure on the door/hinge. May be worth trying before you take the time to remove the doors.

I would NOT lift by the beef bars.

I lift mine by hooking to 1/4" paracord looped through the holes in the four aluminum corners. The loops are also handy for hammocking.

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great idea thanks…and more characters so it will post lol

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