Light remote control?

Does anyone have experience with a switch like this? I’m thinking about getting one and running all of my camper lights through it.

INSMA 433Mhz Wireless RF Switch Long Range DC 12V 4CH Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch, DC12V Relay Receiver Module, Transmitter Toggle Switch RF Relay (2 Transmitter & 1 Receiver)

I just recently had a similar idea to run everything off a remote like that. For me not having a weatherproof unit was a deal breaker because I wanted it under hood and didn’t want to run anything inside the vehicle cab. I think if you were using it inside the camper though it would be a cool solution.

In the end I went with a Trigger 4+ which allows me to control driving lights, compressor etc from inside the cab (using the RF remote) or under hood, then I can use the app or remote if I am inside the camper and want to turn on things. This worked best for my use case.

Yeah I actually saw a review of this on YouTube last week it’s pretty cool. The problem For me is I just have nowhere to put the switch panel at. I have an off-road and we don’t have the sunglass holder like the sports an SR5.

It’s magnetic. You could attach some metal to the headliner by the dome lights and stick it there.

Problem is this costs almost as much as a Switch-Pros!

And that is the Battle from within!! :pleading_face::disappointed_relieved::flushed: