Lights mounted on upper extrusion

Has anyone mounted their ‘follow’ lights or rear spots on the upper rear extrusion? More specifically routed the wiring inside the tent?

I usually have a 4’ awning on the back so there’s no room on the lower extrusion. I would really like to put lights facing the rear for sled loading, trailer hook up, camp set up, tail gating blinders :joy:


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I haven’t yet but I’m planning on doing it soon with a flood beam LED cube and have it set up to provide scene lighting at the camp site but instead of having it hanging off the back, it’ll be on the side but on the upper so that I can angle it inwards so that when its fully open, it’ll shine almost straight down to the area just behind the truck… if that makes sense

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Totally makes sense! I think the real challenge is going to be getting it out of the tent and not having it cause a source for water intrusion. I’m hoping to take a look tomorrow and come up with some form of plan.

I plan on figuring out a way to do this. On my Prinsu I had baja designs scene lights on both sides. Will update in a month after my camper install.

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I did. I have a pair of BD S2’s to the top extrusion. It works better to get them over the 270 awning and the LED light on the back hatch covers what the awning shades anyway. The S2’s seem great so far but I ran 14_AWG so I can upgrade to larger lights if required.

I ran all my roof wiring externally (fan, lights and solar panel) I just wanted a clean interior roof. I used dual solar glands, driver side is my S2’s, Roof fan and a future spare. Passenger side is my solar.

The driver side uses semi ridged waterproof conduit along my solar panel bracket. It’s fully glued and sealed. I think it turned out pretty clean, but my truck roof is high so you cannot see much anyway.

Some pics attached (before is sealed them up)


Oh man that’s smart! Are you in BC? I’d love to geek with you on your rig sometime! :joy:

Kamloops! I’ve spotted what must be your old GFC on a white dodge near Savona this fall.

I’ll PM you my number

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If you decide to put a ceiling fan in for any reason, the idea of cutting into the roof being scary goes away really quickly. I imagine if you have the right wire glands and add the proper sealants, this is no big deal at all to run wires in.

One thing to consider is (as ChuckD has) is where do the wires come in. If you put them in straight away at the tall part, you have to route them inside. If you have a fan on the tall side, you are probably already running some wires the length so no biggie… but if not, you might drop them in at the short side so they just tuck under the mattress and run back into the lower camper (assuming that’s where you want them).

All my lights are on my primary battery and a switch controller, so all exterior lights are running into the engine bay where the light control is. This means that the lights don’t NEED to go into the camper at all - it could follow the solar wiring around the front of the clamshell and then between the cab and bed under the rig.

I am rambling at this point…

Totally that’s my pal from town here. Finally got his power hooked up and I think he’s building out his platform shortly.

Yeah I wonder with some butle tape if you can seal between two cables in the gland. That’s how we do it with underground copper splices. Then I could just use that gland, but still have to run full length then.

Going to go out at state at the truck in a bit and think of ideas.

Edit: Ok I can’t see a viable way to get the wiring out from the inside of the tent without going through the cable gland at the front. If I’m going to do that, I might as well run it the whole length outside to begin with. I know this isn’t the purpose of the drain holes on the upper extrusion; but I wonder if you could fish some 16AWG through there.

The other thought I had was through the space frame.

Another option is to route the power through the roof fan side (if you plan on installing one.) Kinda reverse of what I did. Instead of drilling another hole in the roof you can pass the wire through a gland installed into the side of the roof vent (pic from before I installed it on the roof)


not a bad idea… if you already have a 14x14 hole why drill anymore?!

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