Likely, BC ski mission

It’s so amazing these logging companies that open up so much great terrain to explore in the winter. Makes a good testing grounds for the quirks of the GFC.

Had the wind shift on me in the middle of the night to strong/extreme winds out of the south. This resulted in the wind causing snow to billow up and inside the rear door. That’s the one downside of the wedge. When you have the trailer it’s a pain to turn around in the middle of the night.

I’m all for a tent update that zips completely closed.


Nice pit. Find any persistent weak layers?

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No PWL’s yet, we had a brief hint that that melt/freeze layer was becoming one. But things are bonding slowly around it, although there is quite a bit of faceting between the two which will be something I’ll be keeping an eye on throughout the season. In that profile I did have a sudden collapse on that layer, but it took hard loading and it wasn’t planar :smiley:

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