List of cross compatible campers/trucks?

Does this exist? I’m sure many have run into this issue. I have a 2012 Tundra 6.5’ bed with a V2. I am thinking of buying a new Tundra (any of the 3rd gens) also with a 6.5’ bed.

I know these won’t fit perfect, but does anyone know if it’s even possible I put my V2 GFC on the new truck? I don’t want to have to sell this GFC and then wait 8-10 months for a new one.

It’s best to reach out to gfc direct. There is no list

The complexity and effort of verifying fit differences for an exponential number of combinations is probably not worth it for a small number of people it matters to. But GFC definitely has CAD models and truck scans of everything they make. So they could take those and see if theres likely to be obvious interferences if you ask about your specific application.